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Ilmberger Dè Con Trước HONDA CBR1000RR [17-]

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SKU: KVO.001.CBR17.K


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This carbon front fender in our unique design for the Honda CBR 1000 RR Fireblade 2017 blends into the motorcycle's overall appearance. All mounting points for the use of the original holders of the brakelines and sensorcables are allready prepared at the Ilmberger Carbon mudguard. The Ilmberger Carbon front mudguard has a special design which leads to an improved protection of the skid pipes on the fork from rock slides and dirt. Not only for this reason, the Ilmberger Carbon mudguard has a closed constuction on it´s sides. With this construction the mudguard helps to bring cool air to brakes and radiator while riding. As the Ilmberger Carbon mudguard reaches ideal aerodynamics, although it´s constuction is extremely light and thin, it is incredibly stable while riding at high speeds.

This part is a direct replacement for the original component and contributes mainly to weight saving on the motorcycle (up to 70% less) and a higher stiffness of the parts. Like all of our carbon fibre parts, it was made according to the latest protocols and industry standards and can be considered to encompass all aspects of current 'best of industry' practice. The part is made completely out of pre-preg carbon fibre materials using an autoclave. As with all our carbon parts, we use a clear plastic coating that not only improves the appearance, but also protects the carbon fibre from scratching and has a unique UV resistance.

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Ilmberger Dè Con Trước HONDA CBR1000RR [17-]

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